• 11/ 10/ 2021

    Ribbon blender dryer for tapioca powder

    Vortex developed VRB-10000L ribbon blender dryer with heat jacket to realize drying purpose. Indonesian client successfully installed the whole system, and dry the native tapioca powder from 50% moisture content to 5% moisture content. Background: In 2019, a company in Indonesia found vortex to seek...
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  • 15/ 04/ 2021

    Indonesia customer purchased 6000L ribbon mixer

    PT. KIMIA KONSTRUKSI INDONESIA is a company engaged in the distribution and application of construction chemical materials and have won the trust of many large local and foreign companies to supply materials or application services or material pairs throughout Indonesia. Their specialization is: WATERPROOFING ALL...
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  • 29/ 08/ 2019

    Azomin Australia purchased 2000L paddle-ribbon mixer

    Greg’s company has purchased many mixers including 5 sets ribbon mixer, 3 sets conical screw mixer and 2 sets plough mixer. In May 2018, Mr. Greg in Azomin contact us and said that his company need a kind of mixer to mix very dense materials,...
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  • 15/ 05/ 2017

    Ploughshare Mixer used for cement product

    In the begining of 2017, vortex got order from a Japanese company who make dry mortar product and invest in Indonesia. This project will finish installation and commissioning at the middle of 2017. So, it is a quick decision order from inquiry and making decision...
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  • 25/ 04/ 2017

    India Dry Mortar Manufacturer use Vortex Ploughshare Mixer

    Vortex Mixing Technology just delivered 4 sets ploughshare mixer to an Indian dry mortar manufacturer, India customer has strict requirement on machine quality and price, Vortex won this customer via tough negotiation. Background Information: Output Capacity: Primary capability to mix 3,000 kg batches of dry...
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  • 19/ 04/ 2017

    Ploughshare Mixer is A Better Coating Solution for Snacks

    Plough mixer is widely used to mix powder, granule, and small liquid additives in food, chemical, and construction line. Plough Shear Mixer has different name in different area. In America, people call it as plow mixer, In Europe, people like to call Ploughshare mixer. For processing...
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  • 18/ 04/ 2017

    Why choose a ribbon mixer from vortex corporation

    The Vortex “Mixing Knowledge” provide many useful tips and techniques on powder blending, high-viscosity mixing, particle mixing, sub-surface powder induction, sanitary mixing and other mixing topics. More and more solid-solid and solid-liquid applications reply on the batch ribbon mixer for fast, straightforward, and reliable mixing....
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  • 24/ 03/ 2017

    Sri Lanka trader purchase vortex double cone blender

    Lakjana tea is a tea trade company in Sri Lanka, they undertakes every aspect of purchasing, mixing , packaging and delivering tea to their clients, prioritizing quality and prompt delivery in every shipment. Ceylon black tea is one of the country's specialities. It has a...
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