Double Movement Mixer adopt unique design, mixing efficiency improve 200%.

VMX Double Movement Mixer is an advanced mixing machine which has proprietary intellectual property rights. Our principle is make barrel turn around while full scale blade run independently. In addition, the barrel and blades turn around in different speed and different directions.

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Product Name

Double Movement Mixer


Very efficient at mixing materials with varied densities.

Working Principle

VMX Double Movement Mixer is made up the double cone tilt turn barrels and inside helical blades suit. These two different speed turning members are drove by one power system. In addition, helical blades and tilt turn barrel are sealed by unique sealing system. When you get out of the material from the barrel VMX Double Movement Mixer could be stepping movement by customers in order to make the material put out of the cone fast. All face material stuffs of our mixing machine used high quality stainless steel.
1. When the turn barrel of our Counter Current Mixer is running, it can remove the materials blind angle on the button of the barrel. Moreover, it could make the material comprehensive mixed.
2. In general, the faster helical blades is the main function of mixing. For one thing, the helical blades have two level. One helical blade blend the stuffs radial direction and also separate the material from middle. The other blades could collect the materials.

Technical Parameters


Nominal Volume(L)

Working Volume(L)

Barrel Thickness (mm)

Barrel Rotation Speed(r/min)

Blade Rotation Speed(r/min)

Motor Power(kw)

VMX-50 50 37.5 2 12.5 25 1.1
VMX-100 100 75 2 11.5 23 1.1
VMX-200 200 150 2.5 10.5 21 2.2
VMX-400 400 300 3 9.5 19 3
VMX-600 600 450 4 8.5 17 4
VMX-800 800 600 4 7.5 15 7.5
VMX-1000 1000 800 5 6 12 7.5
VMX-2000 2000 1600 5 11 22 18.5
VMX-3000 3000 2400 5 11 22 22.5

double movement mixer Working Principle of VMX Double Movement Mixer

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