Twin shafts paddle mixer’s main task is to produce a homogeneous mixture, independent of size, shape and density, in shortest possible time. The batch mixer is considered as one of the best in homogeneity and it has been used for decades within all processing industries.

The two axises of mixing interior rotates to different sides and paddles attached to the axes forms fluidized area by diffusing mixed materials to different directions according to stable apex speed. At this time, the movement of materials is concentrated on the higher center part from the bottom of mixer, and therefore, the effective volume of mixing room increases, and as the effective volume increases, the collision and rubbing between materials decrease.

  • High Speed and Homogenous Mixing
  • Low Shearing
  • Shortest Mixing Time
  • Full and Clear Discharge
  • Long Life-time and Durable Using

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Total Volume

100L – 30000L

Discharge Valve

Butterfly Valve, Electric, Flap Valve, Gate Valve, Manual, Pneumatic

Construction Material

Carbon Steel, SUS304 Stainless Steel, SUS316 Stainless Steel

Liquid Spray

CIP Clean Nozzle, Liquid Spray Nozzle


Cool Jacket, Heat Jacket

Explosion Proof

Hazardous area zone 20, 21, 22

Anciliary Device

Circular Vibration Sieve, Dump Station, Quantitive Discharge, Screw Conveyor, Storage Tank, Vacuum Conveyor

Standard Features

  • Capacity range from 100-20000L
  • Mild Steel/Stainless Steel construction
  • One end welded and one end bolted
  • Two Paddle Shafts
  • Normal Temperature and Pressure inside mixer
  • Gear Reducer Motor
  • Gland Packing Seal + Air Purge Seal
  • Pneumatic Bomb-bay Outlet Valve

Special Features

  • Vacuum/Pressure inside mixer
  • Heating/Cooling Jacket for mixer
  • Spraying Nozzle for liquid
  • Heavy-duty drive unit
  • Top or Side Choppers
  • Big or Small Discharge Valve
  • Explosion-proof for electricity
  • Electrical Control Panel system
  • GMP manufacturing
  • Teflon Coating for material contact part
  • Abrasion resistance treatment
  • Other Special Customize Design


The batch twin shaft paddle mixer is the most versatile mixer type available with an extensive range of applications:

  • Foods
  • Dairy Powder
  • Flour
  • Coffee
  • Bakery
  • Frozen Vegetables
  • Instant Drink
  • Spices
  • Vitamin
  • Medical
  • Animal Feed
  • Fish Feed
  • Metal Powders
  • Minerals
  • Friction Material
  • Ceramics
  • Fertilizer
  • Cement and Sand
  • Glass Fiber
  • Pumice
  • Color Pigment

Technical Data

Model Nominal Volume Working Volume Speed (RPM) Motor Power
TPM-0.1 100L 40-60L 43rpm 3KW
TPM-0.3 300L 120-180L 43rpm 4KW
TPM -0.5 500L 200-300L 43rpm 7.5KW
TPM -1 1000L 400-600L 43rpm 11KW
TPM -1.5 1500L 600-900L 43rpm 15KW
TPM -2 2000L 800-1200L 43rpm 18.5KW
TPM -3 3000L 1200-1800L 43rpm 22KW
TPM -4 4000L 1600-2400L 29rpm 30KW
TPM -6 6000L 2400-3600L 29rpm 45KW
TPM -10 10000L 4000-6000L 29rpm 55KW

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