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How to achieve uniform mixtures with master batching

Despite their small proportions, however, minor and micro ingredients are critical to the process or the final product or both. In a dry soup mix, for instance, flavorings are minor ingredients. In an aspirin batch, the active ingredient acetylsalicylic acid is a micro ingredient. In a rubber batch, a colorant is the minor ingredient and

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Producing uniform dry mixtures

New products, industry competition, and rising consumer expectations are creating a demand for more uniform, consistent dry mixtures. Understanding your ingredients is key to producing a uniform mixture. The ingredients’ characteristics and interaction with each other will determine both what mixer you choose and how you control the mixing process. Dry ingredient mixers can use impellers (such as a ribbon mixer, the mainstay of dry mixing), multiple-motion agitators (such as a kneading mixer), or a gentle tumbling motion (such as a tumble blender) to mix ingredients. Your ingredients determine which type is best.

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