Pharmaceuticals & medical supplies

  • 03/ 11/ 2014

    Pharmaceutical Powder Mixing Process:Ribbon Mixer, Plough Shear Mixer

    INTRODUCTION: Over recent decades the pharmaceutical processing has undergone a rapid transition from being a “processing art” to “processing science”. This has been possible due to increasing understanding of processing parameters, better manufacturing equipment and stricter regulatory requirements. Optimum mixing is a prerequisite for manufacturing...
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  • 21/ 10/ 2014

    Powder Ribbon Mixer for GMP standard

    The Sanitary Mixers (i.e. ribbon blender, vertical ribbon mixer, plough mixer, double cone mixer) are all manufactured in type 316 stainless steel and are polished to a 320 grit finish with no cracks or crevices to trap product to enable easy cleaning between batches. Agitators...
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  • 24/ 09/ 2013

    Recommended Blending Equipment for Nutraceuticals

    Application Summary: Nutraceuticals are supplied in many forms including tablets, capsules, drink mixes and powders. Faced with an increasing demand for higher processing standards, nutraceutical companies are intensifyinng efforts on diligent equipment selection and good manufacturing practices. One of the key considerations is proper blending...
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  • 24/ 09/ 2011

    Pharmaceuticals & Medical supplies

    Pharmaceuticals & Medical supplies • Antacid Powder Blends - containing sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate, citric acid and flavors are blended in large capacity Ribbon Blenders. • Bioadhesives -bioadhesive dosage forms, such as laminated polymer films, mucoadhesive tablets and patches, are continually being investigated for drug...
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