Chemical mixing machine

  • 29/ 08/ 2019

    Azomin Australia purchased 2000L paddle-ribbon mixer

    Greg’s company has purchased many mixers including 5 sets ribbon mixer, 3 sets conical screw mixer and 2 sets plough mixer. In May 2018, Mr. Greg in Azomin contact us and said that his company need a kind of mixer to mix very dense materials,...
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  • 29/ 05/ 2018

    Powdered Cleaning Products Boosts Capacity with Ribbon Blenders

    Vortex Mixing Technology is a fully integrated, custom contract manufacturer of powder and particle proudcts mixing. Founded in 2000, and now the company has 150 people and 500 sets mixers output capacity per year. We rely on long-standing relationships and aim to live up to our own...
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  • 15/ 03/ 2017

    Blender for High Abrasive Product

    In March 2017, Vortex got an inquiry from Ferro company which is one of the biggest specialty material manufacturer in the world. Ferro produce color and glass science, particle engineering, surface application and formulation allow them to develop materials that meet the most demanding requirements...
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  • 17/ 11/ 2014

    Vortex Plough Shear Mixer Help Dupont to Fulfill Epoxy Resins Product Line

    Project Background: The Dupont Powdered Epoxy Resins are generally manufactured in accordance with standard industry practice. Powdered and Flake Raw Materials are dry-blended, conveyed, twin-screw compound-extruded, cooled, pre-broken, ground, screened, and packaged into FIBC Bulk Bags and Boxes. The manufacturing process includes the dry-blending of...
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  • 24/ 12/ 2011

    Chemical mixing machine, chemical mixing solutions

    Chemicals Abrasives - products developed to shape and finish surfaces in various applications including woodworking, autobody painting & repair, construction, personal products, etc. Typically, materials used as abrasives are either hard minerals (rated at 7 or above on Mohs scale of mineral hardness) or synthetic...
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