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Vertical Weighing Packing Machine

This vertical weighing packing machine is suitable for packaging of loose and non-sticky granular of powder products. All the works of bag-making, measuring, folding, filling, sealing, cutting, heat printing can be done automatically.

Technical Parameter:
Metering capacity: 200-5000g
Metering accuracy: 0.6%
Metering speed: 20-50 bags/min
Bag size: (50-460) x (80-350) mm (L x W)
Total power: 380V/6kw
Air source consumption: 0.6MPa, 450L/min

Fully Automatically Package Machine (Single or Double Silo)

This package machine is mainly to complete putting the packaged pouch products by request neatly into the bag, sewing bag out of the automatic packaging process. It realizes package small bags into big bags automatically. So, it can save manpower, material, financial input, reduce production cost and improve working efficiency. This type of package machine is widely used in washing powder, seed, feed, salt and other powder products.

Equipment basically consists of double inclined conveyor, counting machine, woven bag automatic package machine, sewing machine and output conveyor.

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