More and more sauna salt manufacturer use vortex ribbon blender


Sauna has been done the world over for centuries. If you are feeling tired, achy, stressed out or all of the above, you might want to visit a sauna. Sauna also could be undertaken for health reasons, it is believed to prevent colds and flu, improve lung function, lower blood pressure, and chronic fatigue syndrome, and increase the endurance rate of athletes. Sauna culture enjoys its greatest popularity in the whole world. In Europe, public sauna can be found throughout the Netherlands, Flanders, Germany and etc. In Australia and Canada, saunas are mainly found in hotels, swimming pools and health clubs. In Japan and Korean, saunas are essentially public bathhouse. And the prosperity of sauna culture in inseparable from the development of ribbon blender.

spa saltSauna salt, essential oil, perfume and etc. are widely used in sauna, with which help the out of toxin and to improve the body immune system. With it simple but decisive character, salt sauna can be seamlessly integrated into any environment. Ribbon blender do well in the mixture of salt sauna, essential oil and fragrances. Vortex ribbon blender consists of double helical agitator and U shaped shell, the outer ribbon make the material move from middle to outside, the inner ribbon move the materials move from two ends to inner side, which shaped a convectional, completely status and get a homogeneity result. As the corrosive of salt, vortex ribbon blender made of SUS316 stainless steel, assure the durability of blender and easy to discharge the products. With the feature of simple structure, both external and internal surface are polished, good blending of products, vortex ribbon blender is the best choice for blending sauna salt.