Rice flour manufacturer in Thailand purchased 1000L ribbon mixer


Varavoot is a rice flour manufacturer and exporter bases in Thailand. They are in the rice flour industry for more than 20 years. Their products portfolio includes Rice Flour and Glutinous Rice Flour under “Desert Rose Brand” in both dry milling and wet milling process. They mill flour in varieties of its particle size. Apart from rice flour products, they also supply Tapioca Starch and Tapioca Pearl (Sago) to our customers. Their products are supplied to worldwide markets and business grows fast. So their director contact Vortex to look for ribbon mixing machine for mix their flour.

In April, 2014, Poppy from Varavoot called Vortex and said they are looking for ribbon mixer for mixing flour which particle size 150 microns, moisture content 13% max withdensity 0.6 kg/liters. Volume per batch is 500kg. He want Vortex engineer to recommend they which model of ribbon mixing machine comply with their purpose.

After calculation, we proposed 1500L ribbon mixer and send them detailed technical parameters, after reviewing that they asked us several questions and we answer them as follows:
1. Is your machine have twin shaft or sing shaft?
Re: Our ribbon mixer is single shaft while we also have double shaft mixer. We have double shaft paddle mixer but it is not easy to clean compared with single shaft mixer.
2. What is difference usage between double shaft and sing shaft?
Re: Single shaft is easy to clean. Double shaft has shorter mixing time but not easy to clean.
3. What is the double helix ribbon mixing machine? Is it same as your machine?
Re: A double helix ribbon mixer’s agitator consists of a set of inner and outer helical agitators.

The outer ribbon moves in one direction and the inner ribbon moves the materials in the opposite direction, and thus results thorough mixing homogeneity.
working principle of ribbon blender
Poppy is very satisfied with our answers, we also sent them customer reference and drawing of ribbon mixer. They placed the order in no time.