Ribbon Blender for an Australian Customer in Whey Protein Mixing Industry


ENRG Sports Pty LTD is a famous Australia company for nutritional whey protein powders. They placed an order of ribbon blender for mixing whey protein and Maltodextrins in May., 2017.

500L ribbon mixer
The customer need ribbon blender for protein powder with 0.5-0.6 bulk density and 200kg capacity per batch. Vortex designed 500L ribbon blender with stainless steel 304 as construction materials, Siemens motor, pneumatic operated flap valve with 24V solenoid valve. Please kindly note the solutions offered to our customer as below:
1. Stainless steel 304 construction materials
As customer’s project is food industry plant, stainless steel could meet to the standard of food grade. Meanwhile, as whey protein and maltodextrins is not corrosive materials, we propose stainless steel 304 instead of stainless steel 316 as the construction materials of ribbon blender for economic requirements.
2. Pneumatic operated flap valve
Customer wanted the slide gate valve at first, however we propose pneumatic operated flap valve. There was a dead end from slide gate valve to the bottom of vessel, materials in this space could not be blended. Our pneumatic operated flap valve can be totally matched with the bottom vessel, there was no dead angle. At last, our customer chooses the pneumatic operated flap valve instead of slide gate valve.
Vortex successful finished this order in July, 2017. The mixer will arrive at Perth in August. The customer is happy to work with Vortex Company. They said they are looking forward to the performance of this ribbon blender.
Vortex has exported plenty of mixing equipment to Australia, Germany, Canada, USA, Thailand, Indonesia etc. foreign countries. We have worldwide customers and build a good reputation among customers. Please feel free to contact us via email: info@incmachine.com or visit our website www.incmachine.com for more details. We will do our best to help you to address your mixing problems. Vortex, beyond your expectation.