New Challenging For Powder Mixer Manufacturer


With development of industry and consumers’ demand, high performance, efficient and complicated powder handling process technology is required by every manufacturers. Less and less workers needed, more and more automatic systems appear in factory. So, choosing a right and high performance mixer is very important for manufacturer before investment. Every mixer has its own advantage and be suitable for specific raw material handling. According to our recent years’ experience, more and more customers prefer simple and sanitary system for food, high efficiency system for dry mortar, automatic system for fertilizer, environment-friendly system for chemicals and multiple system for other complex product.

Food Industry
No matter ribbon blender, ploughshare mixer, paddle mixer and conical mixer, no bolts, high grade polish, no dead space and easy clean is a must for food industry to meet sanitary and GMP standard. However, all can be used in food industry but they have their own advantage and be suitable for specific raw material handling. Generally speaking ribbon mixer and ploughshare mixer is better for dry food powder because of good mixing result in short time and very easy to clean. No matter which mixer we choose, following issue should be focused:

A. Smooth and Fine Polish (Polish must be at min. Ra0.8
B. Seal Part (like teflon packing seal, the seal structure must be removable for cleaning and easy change for the future)
C. Vessel (there must be without any dead space)
D. Discharge Valve (butterfly valve and slide gate valve has dead space at bottom of discharge port. We shall use flap valve in order to make valve body fully and completely match with bottom of vessel to avoid any dead space)
E. All of seal part must be food grade like PTFE or food grade silicone rubber

Dry Mortar
High efficiency and wear resistance is very important because big product capacity and high wear is two key features for dry mortar or any building material. Considering above issues, we must design high wear resistant and replaceable mixing elements. Big and fast discharging is another key part for dry mortar station because 8-10 batches per hour is needed for big capacity product line. Furthermore, dust collection is important in order to keep environment and less pollution.

With development of process technology, more and more customers prefer automatic system for their product line. Fertilizer is one of popular industry to use auto system production line including raw material storage, transportation, sieving, mixing and packaging. Each part shall be exact caculated and well controlled by PLC system. In 2013 and 2014, we successfully finished three fertilizer product lines in Chile, Malaysia and Saudi.