Ploughshare Mixer used for cement product


In the begining of 2017, vortex got order from a Japanese company who make dry mortar product and invest in Indonesia. This project will finish installation and commissioning at the middle of 2017. So, it is a quick decision order from inquiry and making decision because this customer purchased our mixer before for their Malaysia factory.
Due to space limitation, the mixer will be supported and installed by ear lug on the body of vessel. The load cell is also put on ear lug to know the filling rate. The product will be loaded through dump station by manaul. Furthermore, we use pneumatic slide gate valve in order to save space and connect with buffering hopper on the top of package machine and connected by flexible pipe. The total volume of ploughshare mixer is 2000L and 1400L working capacity to get 1.5ton/batch output. This is just a trial product mixing line for customer and if the market is good, they will invest more and need more bigger mixer to meet their requirement.
Building material is a big industry and booming market in developing country. High efficiency and good quality is very important for customer to maximize productivity and minimize downtime. Almost all kinds of building material such as gypsum, cement, sand, fibre, insulation material, dry mortar, insulation mortar, special mortar can be mixed in ploughshare mixer but choppers can be optional according to feature of raw material.
plough shear mixer

Products suit for ploughshare mixer:

Facing plaster
Gypsum plaster
Cement plaster
Tile adhesive
Building mortar
Filling mortar
Insulating materials
Roof tile material
Window hardener paste
Dispersion plaster
and many more …