Nutritional Supplement Manufacturer purchased 2000L FDA standard Ribbon Blender


CLS Corp is a nutritional supplement contract manufacturer of liquids and powders. Mr. Farley, president of CLS called Vortex Technology in March, 2016 to seek mixing solutions.
After discussion, Vortex engineer got that they need to mix amino acids, vitamins, protein powders etc. and they want to mix somewhere around 500kg, what’s important, the mixer must conform to US FDA standard, that means the components of the required mixer must be top quality and recognized by US government. The requirement is easy for Vortex Technology, engineers soon write out a detailed configuration list:

Model No.: 2000L Ribbon Blender
Seal & surface treatment: teflon seals with flush and mirror polish.
Safety: safety interlock for the doors to allow a safe start.
Start way: slow-start motor under full load after the unit is full.
Safety grid: grating or wire mesh to charge the material through to prevent operators from dropping foreign objects into the mixer.

Mr. Farley checked the configuration list and soon after that, he visited Vortex company and saw the ribbon blender in vortex’s showroom. The quality standard touched him, he decided to buy a 2000L ribbon blender at site. Our sales agent in US received a cheque from CLS several days later.

2 months later, the ribbon blender is finished and delivered to CLS Corp. Mr. Farley told us the mixer is great and works well, CLS will buy more in the future, CLS will buy more in the future.
2000L FDA standard ribbon blender