India Dry Mortar Manufacturer use Vortex Ploughshare Mixer


plough shear mixer

Vortex Mixing Technology just delivered 4 sets ploughshare mixer to an Indian dry mortar manufacturer, India customer has strict requirement on machine quality and price, Vortex won this customer via tough negotiation.

Background Information:

Output Capacity: Primary capability to mix 3,000 kg batches of dry mortar/pre-mix type product, with cycle time <=5 minutes.

Raw Material: Mix of cement, sand, silica flour, aggregates, small quantities of powder polymer, pigments etc.

Bulk Density: Mixed product bulk densities range from 1.0 to 1.8 g/cc

Duty: Continuous use, Anticipated Fill time < 1 min, Anticipated Mixing time < 3.0 minutes. Anticipated discharge time < 1.0 min

Plough Shear Mixer Introduction

Plough Shovel Design:
Ploughs are adjustable to enable material movement in different paths. Considering silica and sand are both high abrasive, we design hard alloy bead welding on plough shovel and using wear resistant material for all material contact part.

Shaft Sealing:
Packing seal add external air purged shaft seals, to prevent material accumulation, and reduce risk of shaft mechanical wear & tear.

We design high speed chopper with 3000rpm to make a better mixing result and increase the mixing time. Furthermore, we shall also do wear resistant treatment to the chopper blades.

Sampling nozzle with isolation valve and be able to take samples easily, with no powder spillage/seepage/leakage & no encounter with moving parts.

Drive Unit:
Vortex designs heavy duty motor and gear reducer to strengthen the mixing agitator and increase mixing efficiency. We also use fluid coupling to ensure “over torque” protection & slow start sequence.

Bottom Discharge:
Considering minimum residues and fast discharge time, we design full bottom Bombay pneumatic operated discharge door for ploughshare mixer.

We have done many projects about dry mortar material and almost all the customers focus on wear resistant and discharge issue. So, we put effort to design and innovate a best way to fulfill customer’s requirement. Ploughshare mixer is the most popular mixer used in dry mortar industry.