Azomin Australia purchased 2000L paddle-ribbon mixer


Greg’s company has purchased many mixers including 5 sets ribbon mixer, 3 sets conical screw mixer and 2 sets plough mixer. In May 2018, Mr. Greg in Azomin contact us and said that his company need a kind of mixer to mix very dense materials, the main ingredients is PbO which bulk density is up to 4g/cc. He asked several mixer manufacturers, and get a conclusion normal mixer couldn’t mix such heavy materials, even some company want to try, they quote a very very high price. Under this circumstance, Mr. Greg want us to develop a new style mixer for him.

Azomin produces fire assay flux – it is used to extract gold from mineral or samples in laboratories. The main ingredients is PbO, the flow ability is bad and bulk density is very high. Normal ribbon mixer is not good for this materials because of its big resistance force, our engineer changed normal double layer ribbon agitator into paddle-ribbon type agitator, and we do a test to mix this materials, it works very well.

2000L Paddle Ribbon Mixer in Australia1
2000L Paddle – Ribbon Mixer arrives in Azomin’s factory