Reaction is defined as material transformation through chemical compound reaction which changes the chemical molecular structure of material.

In the mixer, the reaction can be achieved in vacuum drying condition or ordinary condition. The aim of a chemical reaction is to get a 100 % transformation of the reaction agents. This practically occurs automatically if the reaction agents have a high chemical affinity for each other. However, other reactions require specific operating or reaction conditions. The transformation is therefore more successful, which means that the process is more effective and the end product of higher purity. This is also proven by catalyst assisted reactions. The use of auxiliary chemicals, solvents and energy can be considerably reduced in many cases and the production process made more economic.

Reaction process is complicated one which might occurs pressure inside the vessel and more complicated process which need heating and cooling and adding chemical agents if necessary. Mixing speed, time, temperature and pressure shall be controlled strictly in order to get safe and 100% transformed product.

We recommend using ploughshare mixer as reactor which can fully achieve additional processes possible like cooling, heating, drying, granulation, mixing, coating.