We find chemical products everywhere in daily life. Vortex is willing to transfer our customers’ development knowledge to a production scale as well as the process-technical realization in such a way to ensure an economic and reproducible product at high-quality.

Chemistry production line is the biggest industry demanding mixer machines to fulfill the process-technical tasks in the chemical industry are manifold and can be divided into the following main process parts:
– Mixing (mixing of dry materials, pastes, bulk materials, liquids containing product)
– Agglomeration and granulation
– Drying (vacuum drying batchwise, continuous drying)
– Reacting
– Coating

For the different process types, Vortex is offering machines which are exactly tailored for the individual application. Some machine types are suitable for carrying out several process steps in one machine.

Applications for the chemical industry
– Fine Chemical Products
– Dyestuff
– Pigment
– Adhensive
– Detergent
– Surface Treatment Active Agent
– Katalyst
– Rubber
– Resin
– Specialty Material
– Cosmetics
– Electronics Material
– Lubricants
– Flocculent Agent