Vortex Mixer Simplifying Material Handling For Flour Powder


When talking about food processing technology, which is the best way to solve conveying, mixing and packaging issue? Vortex has full knowledge of this and can provide the best solution to customers.

Case Study:
Place: Manila, Philippines
Project: 4500kg/hour capacity flour process line

Feed Way: Vacuum Conveyingvacuum conveyor
Vacuum conveying is a modern way of transporting powders and granules with a number of benefits, see below.

1. Reduce product scrap and product contamination
2. Small Footprint
3. Minimize maintenance
4. Dust free working environment
5. Production flexibility

Principle of Vacuum Conveying
Vacuum is created with compressed air through Vacuum Pump (A). The pump can be automatically controlled.
The bottom valve (B) closes and the vacuum increases in the container (C) and the conveying line (D).
The product is carried away from the feed station (E) into the conveying line and then to the mixer.
The filter (F) protects the pump and the surrounding area from dust and small particles.
During the conveying time, the air shock tank (G) is filled with compressed air.
At a preset time, the pump and the conveying are stopped and the bottom valve (B) is opened. The product is discharged at the same time as the air shock is activated and the compressed air cleans the filter from dust and small particles.
When the pump starts again, this process is repeated and a new cycle starts. The suction time and emptying times are normally controlled by a pneumatic or an electric control system.

When talking about mixer, ribbon blender, plough shear mixer and twin shafts paddle mixer can both used in flour powder mixing.
Looking from mixing speed, plough shear mixer and twin shafts paddle mixer can finish homogeneous mixing within 5 minutes.
Looking from cleaning, ribbon blender is the easiest one to be cleaned. There are few dead space inside mixer. Twin shafts paddle mixer is more complicated to be cleaned.
If adding liquid oil additives, it will be easy to have blocks. Plough shear mixer’s high speed chopper can break blocks and have a good result.

After Mixing:
According to different requirement, some customers prefer filling finish product into movable storage hopper and then move to package. Some customers prefer automatic control package system through buffering hopper.