Vortex Conical Screw Mixer is ideal for powder blending


Vortex conical screw mixers are ideal for low shear blending of powders, pellets, granules, fibers and other solids. These blenders feature an auger that turns on its own axis and a mechanical arm that rotates the auger around the conical vessel. The mixing action in conical screw blender is far gentle than that of ribbon, paddle or other horizontal blenders, making it more suitable for delicate and abrasive applications. Spray nozzles may be installed for liquid additions and coating purpose.
Conical screw mixers are also commonly used in vacuum drying operations and can accommodate a wide range of feed forms including slurries, wet cakes, pastes and flowable solids. Requiring only low heat to drive off moisture or solvents, vacuum drying in a conical screw mixer is an excellent method for drying heat-sensitive materials without fear of thermal degradation. Other processing advantages include low energy consumption, fast drying rates and effective solvent recovery.
An important design feature of conical screw mixer is the absence of a bottom support bearing which facilitates complete discharge of mixing materials, simplifies cleaning of vessel and lowers the risk of batch-to batch contamination. This design also allows the machine to be operated with very little maintenance. Vortex company provide conical screw mixer with capacity from 50L to 10000L.
jacket type conical screw mixer
Pictured is 2000L jacket conical vacuum dryer. It is equipped with a stainless steel 304 jacket and Siemens motors and reducer to drive the screw shafts and screws. This is for one of customer to dry the olive pomace.
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