The application of plough mixer when soya flour in wheat flour


paste mixing
Many product flours milled from other grains are occasionally used in wheat flour, for example, corn meal, rice, millet, soy, oat, buckwheat and barley flours.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has started a sampling and testing program at milling plants in the UK to test for the presence of soya in wheat flour. On the basis of the evidence we have received to date, the FSA believes soya in flour is unlikely to pose a risk to people with a soya allergy and does not need precautionary labelling.

The testing program is to gather further data on the presence and level of soya in wheat and other flours in order to verify our assessment of the risk to people with allergies and to ensure that consumers are being given accurate information about flour, and flour based products.

The reports also show blending different flours milled from different grains is become the trend. And Plough mixer is widely used to mix flour, powder, granule, and small liquid additives in food line. Plough Shear Mixer is designed for heavy duty blending of both dry and wet materials. The over lapping of shovels coupled with its shape and the high speed of the ploughs produces good mixing action and high turbulence. The use of high speed choppers further reduces the product particle size and brake lumps and little ball if adding liquid thus resulting in homogeneity.

With the good blending efficiency, Vortex plough mixer is particularly excellent in handling bulk powder in dry-dry powder, wet-wet paste and wet-wet mass of grains flours.