How to Choose Suitable Ribbon Blender for customers


Solid product need to be mixed to meet various objectives including mixing of ingredients such as fertilizer, feed, food product etc). Heating, drying, cooling and coating functions are requested by customers to fulfill complicated process.

A ribbon mixer consists of a U-shape horizontal vessel and an inner and outer helical ribbon agitator that move material in opposite directions. The ribbon can also be replaced by paddle design.

Ribbon Blender is famous of gentleness blending which can avoid shearing during mixing but other following factors can help customer to choose a suitable ribbon mixer:
1. How much room space is available in your plant? This can help us to choose a suitable dimension design in ribbon blender.
2. Does friability of your product require gentle blending?
3. What’s the capacity in kg for one batch?
4. What’s bulk density of your product?
5. What’s the physical or chemical characteristic of your product? Free flowing or bad flowing? Abrasive, Corrosive
6. Lumping problem. Is there any lumping problem for your product during mixing? If so, we will design chopper beside vessel to break agglomerates.
7. Is your product heat sensitive?
8. Will you operate the mixer before feeding or after feeding?
9. Is there any chemical reaction inside ribbon blender? Any vacuum or pressure design in mixer?
10. Do you need other applications for ribbon mixer? Drying or heating or cooling?
11. Is contamination a critical risk and will you need frequent cleaning between batches?

For engineers, they always have time to test run process equipment but for purchase and budgetary, a determined judgment shall be made to choose the right mixer to meet their process requirement. So, it is very important for manufacturer to know details about customer’s requirement before making decision and manufacturer can share experience with customers. If you want to know more about mixer, please contact Vortex.