Vortex Ribbon blender — bakery mixes


The great variety of bakery mixes available today all have the same basic process requirements-precise mixing of the ingredients, incorporation of the shortening and finishing of the batch.

Vortex provides the most efficient method to meet these requirements… all in a single processing unit.

Cake and Doughnut Mixes — Ribbon blenders, equipped with double layer ribbon agitator, can produce a completely uniform finished mix. free of agglomerates and ready for packaging in a total mix cycle of less than fifteen minutes.

The flour, sugar, baking powder, flavoring, coloring and salt are dry mixed for one to three minutes. Lumps that frequently from during storage of the raw materials are completely broken up by the ribbon agitators during the dry mix cycle.

When incorporating liquidfied solid shortening, the batch temperature is adjusted during the dry mix cycle to within 40 F of the shortening temperature by means of a heating jacket.

This prevents too rapid cooling of the shortening and resulting “prills”.

Following the dry mix, liquid shortening is introduced by lance type injectors mounted directly over the ribbon shaft, in cube form, can be added directly to the mixer through special addition ports. Shortening incorporation up to 16%, requires two to five minutes depending on the type and quality.

The ribbon agitators finish the mix in about five to seven minutes after the introduction of the shortening, depending on the product.

The finished mix is discharged directly into packaging equipment without
further processing.