The largest Russian ingredients manufacturer use vortex ribbon blender


Commercial and industrial group of companies «Soyuzsnab» established in 1991 is the largest Russian company in the market of supply and manufacturing of ingredients for Russian and CIS enterprises.
Soyuzsnab are industrial and commercial holding “Soyuzsnab”, the biggest Russian distributor of food, feed ingredients and raw materials of about 50 world-leading producers for over 5000 food, feed and chemical processing plants in Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan. We are leading supplier of chocolate glaze to confectionary factories in Russia.
Last year, Olga from Soyuzsnab contact us for a kind of powder mixer to mix mixer starch, salt, maltodextrin, spices etc. they also need to add different aromatic components (oleoresins of nutmeg, black and red pepper oleoresins etc. They also require heating jacket to heat some mixture, what’s more, they use heating jacket also for drying of the mixer after it’s washing.
Currently, they use a jacket type vertical double screw conical mixer from Netherland. We discussed ribbon blender at first, due to the dead zone, this proposal was denied.
Second, we start to talk about the conical screw mixer with heating jacket and insulation jacket. As they couldn’t stand any residue, we agree to use gate knife valve.
At last, our conical screw mixer satisfy Soyuzsnab a lot, they order two more larger mixer after we finished the first one.