powder fluidity impacts on mixing technology


Generally speaking, it will be easier to be mixed if the powder is smooth and the worse the powder’s fluidity(that is bigger adhesiveness), the more difficulty the powder to be mixed. Dry powder fluidity can be tested with angle α like the picture shown. If the angle α is small, it means the powder is smooth and good fluidity.(as shown in the right picture) when the angle α exceed 40 degree , its fluidity will be difficult to mix homogeneously for powder with α over 45 degree if used by ordinary 3D mixer. So some customers solve this problem by installing steel chain, steel ball and so on which have function of slung, hurl and grinding. However, it will increase contamination because of striking and grinding effect between chains, what’ worse, it will generate static electricity which will bring serious potential safety hazard. Due to unique internal structure with helical blades of our double movement mixer, they have good functions on cutting and pressing. As a result, our machine can perfectly mix dry powder materials with high adhesiveness.