How Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer Works


twin shaft paddle mixerTwin shaft paddle mixer could also be called double shaft mixer, which consists of two shaft agitators and two semicircle vessels. The paddle agitator includes multiple paddles positioned to move materials in opposing lateral directions and radially. The materials being blended will be lifted up by overlapping paddles and make material in non-gravity action which will have a perfect mixing homogeneity result.
Twin shaft paddle mixer’s main task is to produce a homogeneous mixture, independent of size, shape and density, in shortest possible time. Twin paddle mixers are ideal for high volume batch production where fragile materials are being mixed and gentle mixers are required. The two axes of mixing interior rotate to different directions according to a stable apex speed. At this time, the movement of materials is concentrated on the higher center part from the bottom of mixer. And therefor, the effective volume of mixing room increases, as the effective volume increase, the collision and rubbing between materials decrease. The twin paddle mixer is considered as one of the best in homogeneity and has been used for decades within all processing industries, such as Cement, Flooring materials, Dry mortars, Abrasives, Ceramics, Road linings, Pet foods, Horse feeds, Poultry feeds, Fat coatings, Cereals, Pigments, Detergents, Fertilizers, Pesticides, Peat moss, Cake mixes, Coffee, Mueslis, Fruit mixes, Frozen vegetables/rice etc.
The twin shaft paddle mixer has standard Features
1. Fabricated in stainless steel or tailor made
2. Drive from geared motor for same speed on each blade
3. Multi paddle overlapping blades
4. Homogeneous blending result