How to maintain ribbon blender


Once your ribbon blender is installed, it can provide adequate mixing only with proper maintenance. Periodically check your mixer’s components and operation to ensure you catch any problems early, when they’re cheaper to fix. And the more complex your mixer (such as one with a spraybar), the more important regular maintenance is. The best resource for determining what maintenance procedures to follow is the mixer’s operations and maintenance manual.
The manual provides specific information about the following maintenance procedures, which should be included in your general maintenance checklist:
• Grease the bearing at regular intervals.
• Check the oil level in the gear reducer.
• Examine the drive chain and sprockets for proper alignment and wear.
• Check the discharge assemblies to ensure they operate properly and don’t leak.
• Look for leakage at the seals.
Follow these procedures for the ribbon assembly:
• Check for accumulated material on the ribbon assembly. Periodically clean such accumulation.

When you need to replace parts, be aware that most of the mixer’s power transmission components are standard items you can easily buy from local vendors. But it’s typically best to buy the mixer’s other replacement parts—especially those on the ribbon assembly – from the original manufacturer or their industrial representative. The manufacturer or representative has complete records of your mixer configuration and thus can quickly and easily provide you with the correct parts.