High performance ribbon blender could meet customers’ requirement


ribbon mixer
Aimed to better meet to the customer’s requirements, Vortex ribbon blenders are fabricated in standard and sanitary designs with customizable features for increased trustworthy of powder to powder, solid to solid and liquid to solid mixing actions. Available in the capacity from 50L to 10000L, Vortex ribbon blender could handle a number of processing objectives- from dry powder mixing, mixing solid of different particles, shapes and sizes, coating solids with little quantity liquid additives, paste mixing, preparing solid-liquid suspensions, and vacuum drying or cooling.
Pictured is Vortex Model VRB-1m3 ribbon blender with a maximum working volume of 650L. and 240-grit stainless steel 304 all parts. The dust-tight blender cover includes multiple custom ports, bag dumping cover with safety grating and bag dumping inlet with customer required dimensions.
Driven by a 11kw motor with customer required Siemens brand, the double ribbon agitator turns at 41 rpm (the speed of agitator could be adjusted under variable frequency starting). Due to the direct drive design between motor and reducer, Vortex ribbon blender do not suffer from the problems of belt slippage, stretching and wear – issues frequently encountered in lower quality ribbon blenders.
During the blending cycle, precise quantity of liquid ingredients is delivered via spray bars with fan-type spraying nozzles. In addition, spray balls are installed on the cover for convenient cleaning of the blender’s interior in between batches if there need to change the blending products.
Other customizations such as heating and cooling jacket, end wall scrapers, interchangeable paddle agitator, vacuum capability, abrasion-resistant wetted parts, all stainless-steel construction, reduced voltage starting or variable frequency starting, load cell weighing system and PLC-based recipe controls are offered as well. For more detailed information or get an offer with price, please feel free to contact us via email: info@incmachine.com