Fabulous V-Blender for Laboratory Use


v shell blenderVortex laboratory V mixer is ideal for blending a wide range of applications including powder, pellet, granules, particles, and solid materials. V-type blender consists of two inclined cylinders attached together in the form of “V”. When the shaft start rotating, the mixing materials in the V mixing chamber are made to back and forth and turn over again and again. The distinguished feature of V type blender is material being blended are splitted into two cylinders when the junction is at the top of mixing chamber. With the repeated rotation of V type mixing chamber, the materials kept splitting and combining. And along the movement of splitting and the spreading, materials achieving the goal of homogeneity. The gentle but thorough agitation of V-type blender is very effective for mixing pellets, granules and fragile materials.

Pictured is an V-type lab use blender with 5L volume, it’s working volume is 2-3L with motor power of 0.55kw. Meanwhile, with all part made of stainless steel 304, both interior and exterior are polished, this blender not only has elegant appearance but also easy to clean out. And the V-type design ensure nearly 100% completely discharge.
Designed for pilot-scale production from 2L to 30L, vortex laboratory use V-type blender are especially advantageous for products containing fragile material or where only small quantities are batched due to limited demand or short pot life. Standard, heavy-duty, explosion-proof and sanitary models are available. For instance, one of our customer purchase one set of 5L V-type Blender for white granule sugar blending. With the feedback of good work and excellent blending result from our customer, we are very proud of this blender.
If you need more information on vortex laboratory use blender, please email to info@incmachine.com freely. We’d like to provide you detailed offer with price.