Double Cone Blender with Control Panel


Vortex double cone blender with button control panel deliver superior batch to batch consistency in the mixing of high fluidity flour, granular and particles applications. Vortex company equips helical blade inside the double cone vessel to disperse the accumulation as well as the materials move along with wall of vessel when the double cone blender start. This make the mixing action ideal for homogenous mixing and without the risk of break the particle size during mixing.
Pictured is vortex model VMS-1000 double cone blender with a working capacity of 500L. The material contact part made of stainless steel and non-contact part made of carbon steel. The stainless-steel surface polished to 240grit finish and carbon steel surface is well painted.
double cone blender
The 10 rpm of barrel revolution speed and 10 rpm of blade revolution speed of VMS-1000 double cone blender revolves around the batch. The butterfly valve at one end of cone provided for materials discharge and hole with openable cover provided at the other cone for materials charging and cleaning. It’s an ideal design for requirement of less materials residue. The inner surface employs mirror polish further improve the fluidity of material. Customer could get nearly 100% discharge of materials.
In this VMS-1000 double cone blender, solid raw materials could be added through inlet port. Mounted to the mixer is button control panel capable of controlling of mixer’s on and off, rotation speeds, emergency stop and safety interlock.
At last, this VMS-1000 double cone blender has 4mm of barrel thickness, this not only make sure the durability of blender, but has elegant appearance.
We provide the double cone blender with mixing capacity from 100L to 28000L. Normal cycle times are typically in the range of 10 minutes; however, they can be less depending on the difficulty of blending. Vortex always focus on the best quality and service.