Conical Screw Mixers -About Equipment for Handling & Processing Bulk Solids


Conical Screw Mixers (also called Nauta Mixers) make use of a conical chamber with a vertical screw that mixes the powder or substance.

Working principle

First step is charging of mixer from the top, manually or vide pneumatic or mechanical conveying. After the mixer is charged the mixing process starts.

The mixing is carried by means of 3 distinct intermixing actions:

The screw agitator, turning on its axis, produces a lifting action as it spirals the materials in an upward flow.

At the same time, orbiting the tank, the screw removes material away from the wall and deflects it into the centre of the tank.

Material lifted by the screw gravitates downward, thoroughly intermixing with material being spiraled upwards.

The typical speed of the central screw is 70 to 80 Rpm. The Tip speed can fluctuate from 1 to 3 m/s. The result is most intimate intermingling of all ingredients. The mixing time is depending on product characteristics, mixing accuracy and batch size


Conical Double Screws Mixer (also called Nauta Mixers) consists of driving part, screw agitator and reverse cone cylinder. The agitator are two asymmetrically helixes. They rotate around their own axes and

concial screw mixer, vertical mixer
conical screw mixer