Conical Screw Blender for Powders


The vortex conical screw blender is used for mixing and blending powders in the following industries: chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, and plastics. Conical screw processors can be supplied in carbon steel, stainless steel, and other exotic alloys. The conical blender has a tapered screw was standard construction. The tapered screw is more efficient than the straight screw. This design reduces the total overall height, decreases the blending time, and improves the efficiency of the mixer.
vertical screw blender
Pictured is 3000L conical screw mixer is ideal for mixing a wide range of applications, such as powders, granules, pellets, fibers, pastes, and slurries. This this type of mixing equipment features a slow-turning auger screw that gently lifts batch materials upward as it orbits around a conical vessel. Materials carried to the top of batch then cascade slowly back down into regions opposite the moving auger screw. The conical screw mixer also available for vacuum feeding and vacuum drying function. Vacuum feeder equipping on top of the mixer employed to transport the materials.
A common issue in agitated dryers is the risk of product attrition or generation of fines. This concern is well minimized in a conical mixer/dryer because the blending action is thorough but low impact. During the drying cycle, hot water, oil, or steam is recirculated through the vessel jacket. Due to lower processing temperatures made possible by vacuum environment, there is a reduced risk of creating hot spots on the vessel walls where product could bake. The constant exchange of materials between heated sidewalls and the center of blender accelerates the drying process.
In summary, the conical screw mixer is an ideal design could be fit where space on the plant floor is at a minimum. And it’s gentle blending action is ideal for friable or shear sensitives powders.