Vortex Finish Bread Improver Powder Mixing Line in Argetina


In 2013, a bread improver manufacturer in Argetina found us to help them provide a mixing solution for their new building plant. At start, we got layout drawing of the plant and also got detail information about customer’s product.
bread improver ribbon mixer
Basic Information:
Product: Flour, Sugar, Salt, Nutritional Additives
Bulk Density: 0.5-0.6kg/L
Capacity: 500kg/batch
Flowability: not very good

Firstly, the customer design a preparation room to weigh and prepare raw material. Then, the worker put prepared raw material into movable trolley to mixing room. The mixer’s room is close to preparation room in order to easily move trolley to mixing room.

Secondly, we deign vacuum conveying for feeding. Putting raw material into feed dump and convey it into mixer through vacuum pump. This is a efficient way to feed material into mixer which can reduce pollution and easy clean. Vortex design ribbon mixer for customer to mix bread improver product. The size of ribbon blender is 1000L total volume with 700L working volume. The speed of ribbon is a little faster than ordinary ribbon mixer in order to save mixing time. At the bottom of mixer, we design movable dynamic hopper with agitator under discharge part of mixer. Then, the worker will move them to another place for packing. Due to flow ability of bread improver is not very good, we design hopper with agitator can make material easily discharge during packing. Furthermore, we also add vibration motor on hopper to help discharging. The customer put mixing line in the second floor and package machine in the first floor. They make a hole between first floor and second floor for packing.

Thirdly, the customer need one vertical package machine and one horizontal package machine for small bag. The worker put dynamic hopper at second floor and connect with screw conveyor to flexible connection with package machine at the first floor. The screw conveyor shaft can be took out for easy cleaning.

We finished this project at the end of 2013 and the customer is happy with our design and machine to help them improve their working capacity and they hope to expand their product line in 2015 for making pudding powder.

In summary, most food customer prefer easy and simple product line to reduce pollution and to make clean easily. Simple material convey without any part which can have pollution and dead space possible.