Different Application of Ribbon Blender


As the most popular powder mixer, ribbon blender has been developed in various applications according to different customers’ requirement. Vortex can design different ribbon mixers depend on the process of material and result that the customers need.

Gentle Mixing:
Due to the mixing principle of ribbon blender, it is well known that mild and gentle mixing is one advantage of ribbon mixer. For dry and free flowing powder material such as milk powder, seasoning, animal feed, detergent etc, ribbon blender can fully meet homogeneous demand. Generally speaking, the mixing time is around 5-8 minutes.

Shearing Mixing:
Different from plough shear mixer, ribbon blender can also be designed for shearing function but not as strong as plough mixer. For ordinary ribbon mixer, it consists of double ribbon including outer ribbon and inner ribbon. In order to get a shearing function, we design disconnect ribbon or paddle or teeth ribbon for inner layer ribbon to instead of continuous ribbon. It is better in liquid spraying additives formula. If you want to get a better agglomerate breaking, we can also design high speed chopper on the side of U shape vessel. The ribbon shall avoid chopper blade position.

For some typical process and material, cooling or heating jacket is necessary during mixing. For example, the resin and plastics product need cooling before extruding. Some metal powder need liquid spraying and heating during mixing. The liquid shall coat on the powder and extract the gas through vacuum pump. We have one tobacco customer in India. They use our ribbon blender to dry their product through not only outside heating jacket on vessel and end plate, but also adding hot water into shaft to get better drying effect.

Paste Mixing:
Ribbon Blender can also be used for some paste and slurry product but the power shall be increased and the speed of shaft could be slow. The customer will add powder additives into paste product. As for discharge, it will be better to use pump below the discharge valve to take out final product.

No matter what process and what kind of product you mix, Vortex will provide professional mixer selection and design to each customer. We think ahead and carefully focus on bulk material handling to help customers increase working efficiency and lift your business.