The broad application of ribbon blender


When it comes to powders and bulk solids, there are very few products that a ribbon blender can’t blend. Ribbon blender – this versatile and highly scalable mixing equipment are available from 20 liter to over 20000 liter batches is used largely across many industries for blending dry powders, particle, granules, pellets, flakes, and other solid forms. From spice blends, seasoning blends, drink mixes, and multivitamins to cosmetic powder, polymer blends, chemical additives, fertilizers, and ceramic powders, just to name a few, the range of products that can be batched in a ribbon blender is wide and varied.

ribbon mixer bakeryWhen products being blending are similar in density, size, and shape, mixing is simple and fast. A 30 liter batch usually takes only two to three minutes to complete, while cycle time for a 500 liter batch would normally be 8-10 minutes. At 3000 liter, a 20- to 25-minute blending time is quite typical.

The ribbon blender can also “coat” solid particles with a minor component that is either a very fine powder or a liquid. Such as coating the roasted coffee bean with cardamom powder and edible spices, or adding liquid additives to dextrin-starch powder. In fact, it’s use extends to general purpose slurry or paste mixing, preparing solid-liquid suspension, as well as vacuum drying. Examples of wet applications include cake batter, butter and cream, guacamole, soups, sauces, pet food, pharmaceutical granulations, polymer mixture, joint compounds, and plaster slurries etc.

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