Ribbon Blender Solving Problems of Consumer Waste


Recently, more and more people pay attention to our environmental pollution problem. With the development of civilization, different kind of consumer waste is one of trouble for big population city. Government make some solution to give allowance to company solving these waste and make them to be useful product.

In March, Vortex got an inquiry about mixer for wastes and final product will be used in fertlizer solution. The customer need heating jacket for drying raw material and then discharge finished product into silo for package.

The size of ribbon mixer is 8000L total volume with 4 barg heating oil jacket of 200 degree. The raw material is like sludge, waste soil and other human rubbish after pulverized into 30-5mm. In order to get better effect, we put high speed chopper on the side of mixer and make disconnect ribbon to reduce drag force. The heating jacket is to make product moisture from 20% to 5%. It will take about 1-1.5 hours to finish this drying period.

After customer’s test in our factory, we found that discharge is a big problem for customer’s product. So, we design big discharge door at bottom to make sure easy discharge. Furthermore, the speed need to be variable to control the mixing speed in different stage period. For example: in first stage, the mixer need to use 2/3 speed. In middle stage, the mixer need to use 1/3 speed and at last, the mixer need to be full speed to get final product.