Flavor Develops Along with the Development of Plough Mixer


The flavors and spices has been developed for thousands of years all over the world, beginning when people used simple herbs or spices to flavor their food and dishes. Today, the flavor industry is comprised of hundreds of companies all over the world. And the booming of flavor industry can not be separated from the development of plough mixer.
plough mixer to mix flavor powderFlavors were not always created and developed by flavorists for consumer satisfaction. Spices, herbs and flavors were used throughout history by numerous cultures for various reasons. In prehistoric times, herbs and spices were used to enhance the flavor of food. In the Middle Ages, flavors and spices were used to preserve meats prior to the use of refrigeration. Early Egyptians are known for flavoring food with drill, cumin, marjoram, coriander, sesame, thyme and even cinnamon. They also used honey as a sweetening agent. People in Europe and the Middle East discovered how to distill and extract essential oils and resins. Even in medieval times, monks captured these essences and used them to flavor food.
Regardless of the use for spice, the flavor and spice industry has always been driven by demand. The quest for spice and flavors was one of the earliest drivers of globalization. As one of the first globally traded products, spices were extremely expensive worldwide. And the development of mixing equipment hurry its step.
Plough shear mixer is widely used for different kinds of applications such as flavors mixing, coating, drying and reaction with very high homogeneity. Working principle of plough shear mixer: Plough shovel welded or bolted on arms and the shaft runs at a high speed to effect flavors a fluidizing action, furthermore, the choppers reduce the size of particles of flavors to result a mixing action. With the development of mixing machinery, flavor industry gets booming.