Ribbon Mixer in Flour Deep Processing


Flour is a fine powder that is obtained from grinding food grains and cereals that contain starch. Among the various food grains such as barley, corn, lima beans, peanuts, oats, potatoes, soybeans, rice and rye, wheat remains the mostly widely used raw material for making flour globally. It consists of all the nutrients which are essential for human consumption and as a result, wheat flour represents the most preferred flour across the world. It provides a number of health benefits ranging from improving the body’s metabolism to controlling obesity. Wheat flour finds numerous application in the food industry such as in the preparation of many food items like breads, pastes, noodles, wafers, bakery products and etc. We called all of these process as flour deep processing.

ribbon mixer bakeryRibbon mixers doing great job in flour deep processing, such as coating, mixing and blending, etc. Ribbon mixer consists of U shaped shell and double helical agitator, the outer ribbon always move the materials from the center of vessel to two ends, and the inner ribbons always make the materials from the two ends side to the center of vessel, shaping a convectional status and achieving homogeneity. Ribbon mixer has two different designs, one is horizontal ribbon mixer, which is basic design, the other is vertical ribbon mixer, also named conical mixer, which could be fit to plant floor where the space is at a minimum. Both mixers work excellent in flour deep processing, and improve the development of flour deep processing.

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