More Customers Prefer Twin Shafts Paddle Mixer for Mixing Flour Product


Now, more and more flour customer inquiry paddle mixer for mixing flour powder with small rate additives. Recently, we have a project of General Mill company need one twin shafts paddle mixer for their Brasil factory.

This flour product line including pneumatic conveying system, sieving, mixing and packing. According to customer’s requirement, we design paddle mixer as following:

A. Drive Unit Design
Most twin shafts paddle mixer use chain trolley sprocket to drive reducer and motor but this will have big problem of pollution. So, we design direct connection gear reducer and one motor with enclosure stainless steel safety guard covered. It solve the issue of pollution and more simple structure to easy maintenance.

B. Shaft Move Out Design
As we know that twin shafts paddle mixer is complex to clean with many dead space for inside. So, we design two shafts move out system for easy cleaning when change product mixing. We use motor drive with screw to pull out two paddle shafts to let worker fully clean inside paddle agitator.

C. Paddle Design
Firstly, the paddle must be welded on support without any screw bolted. Inside polish must be round smooth. The clearance must be keep minimum.

D. Discharge Door
Full Open Discharge Door can minimize the material residues inside the mixer to make twice pollution.

This paddle mixer was delivered to customer’s plant in 2013. The plant manager Mr. Marcelo tell us that it takes only 90 seconds to finish homogeneity mixing and 20 seconds to fully discharge and ready for next batch. This help customer to highly increase the working efficiency and happy with mixer’s performance. That’s why the customer chose twin shafts paddle mixer and they appreciated with Vortex special design on twin shafts paddle mixer.