Food mixing machine

  • 29/ 04/ 2016

    Simple Mixing Plant for Foodstuff Industry

    Simple Mixing Plant for Foodstuff Industry, Vortex Guarantee for Healthy and Safe Nutrition Naturally, the production, processing and distribution of foodstuff is defined at a respectively high level. Production of foodstuffs means the targeted alteration or transformation of raw materials from plant or animal origins...
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  • 23/ 02/ 2016

    How Iranian food industries improves via vortex mixer

    There have been recent reports in the media about western countries reducing sanctions on Iran; something that can only have a positive effect on the Middle Eastern country’s industries: industries who may have been struggling under the boycott but who can now start positioning themselves...
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  • 11/ 05/ 2015

    Ribbon Mixer Helps Increase Cocoa Mix Production

    Richard Lee founded his factory providing fruit flavorings for food, dairy, liquor and drug industries in 1980s. With the development of the growing demand for health drinks, Richard purchased Fruit Products of Milo, which makes pure vanilla extracts and cocoa powders in the year of...
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  • 07/ 04/ 2015

    Ribbon Blender Used as Dynamic Hopper Under The Mixer

    Recently, we have some projects that customer want dynamic hopper with stirring system under our powder mixer in order to prevent the mixture change the density or block the outlet during the feeding process. Furthermore, there are some package machines or extruders under dynamic hopper...
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  • 31/ 12/ 2014

    Vortex Mixers for Food Processing

    In food industry, Vortex design the mixers based on knowledge of food processing technology. Precision, efficiency, no pollution and easy cleaning is the point to food customers. Depending on different products, we have different types of mixers can be provided to customers and we are...
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  • 20/ 11/ 2014

    Plough Shear Mixer for Drying Application

    Plough Shear Mixer is the most widely used for multiple application such as mixing, coating, drying and reaction. In different places, the name of plough shear mixer is different. In Europe, people like to call it Plough Share Mixer. In US, people like to call...
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  • 12/ 11/ 2014

    Ribbon Blender with Chopper for Some Caking Product

    Generally speaking, ribbon blender is a kind of mild mixing machine which is widely used in light density powder material. However, if adding some liquid into powder which is easily caking during mixing, ribbon blender is not suitable but adding chopper is a good way...
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