Stone Age, Copper-Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age within living memory minerals and ores define our existence and our progress. Nuclear metallurgy and atomic age – this status is also beginning to change. The value of raw materials, their sustainability and extended life cycle are contemporary issues with regards to their increasing shortage – and not only because of the metals being used by the industry. Furthermore, we observe considerable production increases in the field of commodities like iron, copper, aluminium, etc. Raw materials are and remain decisive for the fulfillment of our basic needs. Our know-how will be essential in order to process and finally refine these materials according to the requirements dictated by the differentiated deposits found globally.We are running out of natural resources and we have to do something.

Following features are the key part of mixer for metallury industry.
– Heavy duty
– Wear resistance
– High efficiency
– Mixing precision
– Low maintenance
– Easy inspection

– Carbon compounds
– Metal powder
– Ceramics
– Welding filler materials
– Glass
– Abrasives
– Fireproof product
– Grinding agents