The Safety Features of Vortex V-type Blender


In order to make safer tumble blender, Vortex Mixing Company now introduce brake motor to equip on the tumble blender, such as V-type blender or double cone blender. And the brake motor allows the tumbling V-type blender and double cone blender vessel to safely decelerate to a complete stop at the proper upright position, this feature is very safe and immediately.
v blender
Pictured are one 200L V-type tumble blender which designed for mixing raw materials with bulk densities from 0.3 to 1.5 and the working capacity could up to 300kg. Inside the V-type blender, free-flowing solids or powders are gently and intimately blended as the cone vessel rotates. To supplement the low-impact mixing action, a high-speed intensifier bar is supplied for breaking up lumps and agglomerates if necessary. The intensifier bar/chopper could include multiple spray nozzles for adding small quantity liquid ingredients to the blending batch.
As for this V-type blender, all product contact parts are made of stainless steel 304 polished to 240-grit finish for easy discharge of products and cleaning of vessel. The tumbling vessel is driven by a 1.1kw brake motor while the intensifier bar/chopper is driven by a 0.75kw motor. A safety gate around the blender prevents operation of the tumbling vessel when the gate open. The finished products are discharged through a dust-light butterfly valve. The V-type blender featured with completely discharge of products.
As for V-type blender, we are available in many standard sizes from 20L to 5000L, and vortex V-type blender are offered with various options such as vacuum application, heavy-duty design for high-density application, heating and cooling jacket, explosion-proof motor and PLC controls. We also provide technical support from planning and engineering to delivery and stand-up. For more information, please email us to freely at any time.