Easy Design of Ribbon Mixer for Food Powder


Ribbon Mixer is a popular used mixer machine in food industry. It can get good result for free flowing or sticky powder material. Because of simple structure, low energy consumption and easy cleaning, ribbon mixer is well accepted by many food customers such as Kraft, General Mill, Pepsi, Mars, Heinz etc. So, why many food customers prefer ribbon mixer and what’s the advantage of ribbon mixer, we can make explanation as following:

1. Simple Structure

1000L Ribbon Mixer
1000L Ribbon Mixer

Ribbon Blender is consists of ribbon agitator, U shape vessel, two end plates and drive unit. The ribbon shaft can be easily cleaned without any dead space. Because of it’s simple structure, ribbon blender is easily maintenance and few troubleshooting. The ribbon is polished in round edge and smooth which residues can be easily cleaned by manual.

2. Drive Part

Due to ribbon mixer is a kind of mild mixing machine, the shaft speed is not fast and needn’t large power motor for drive unit. Furthermore, the drive structure is also very simple which can be separated into belt drive and direct connection drive. Furthermore, there will be no any pollution of oil because all of drive unit is at outside part of vessel.

3. Seal Structure

For food customers, they all prefer simple and good seal structure which needs to be easily maintained and change in the future. So, we design split packing seal structure for ribbon mixer which can easily change inside packing in daily working time. The worker just needs to lose some screw bolts and fasten it. It is a very simple and fast way to change packing seal. As for packing material, we use white color PTFE material for packing. Maybe some customer need food grade certificate packing, we can also provide to them.

4. Discharge Part

As for discharge, we normally use flap valve, butterfly valve and slide valve. However, flap valve is the best way to reduce residue and dead space during mixing because there will be about 80mm height space for butterfly valve and slide gate valve. If customer has high demand in dead space problem, flap valve can solve this problem. The valve body can totally match with bottom of vessel without any dead space.

5. Control System

It is a very simple control system because the control panel just needs to control one motor and solenoid valve of pneumatic operated valve. Easy operate and low failure rate can help customer to get more efficiency in production.

6. Easy Clean

We design open lid on top of ribbon mixer and worker can easily clean the mixer from top. There will also be safety grid and safety switch to avoid the worker open the lid during mixer’s working. If worker open the lid during working, the mixer will be stop.
Vortex is the expert of ribbon mixer and we have full experience of ribbon mixer in food industry. Anyway, we choose different mixer and have different design according to customer’s material. Now, we have double ribbon mixer, disconnect ribbon mixer and ribbon mixer with chopper for different features of raw material. We highly focus on every customer’s need and help them to lift business.