Ribbon mixer equipped with screw conveyor


Abdon Finax AB with subsidiaries, and the sister company Valsemøllen A/S in Denmark, process grain into tasty and healthy food.
Abdon Mills AB and Finax AB, that produce breakfast cereals and other grain based foods, are part of the Swedish company group. Further included in the group is Kobia AB, a nationwide distributor and producer of ingredients to bakeries and confectioners, with three distribution units in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Hässleholm. In addition, there are three
bakeries included in the group i.e. Finax Bakery AB, Finax Bröd AB and Skorpmästaren AB. The Danish Valsemøllen A/S operates three flour and oat mills for the Danish market. Also part of the group is Igos A/S, a well known producer of fillings and jams.
Abdon Finax AB and Valsemøllen A/S are part of the family owned group of companies with similar businesses in North America. The total group turnover was 5.465 MSEK, ($750 millions) in ’08, of which one third from the Nordic companies.
The company needs horizontal ribbon mixer to blend wheat flour, sugar etc.
Mr. Leif Abdon contact us in 2012 for the ribbon mixer, which shall be used for blending premixes in one of their bakeries. As the bulk density of wheat flour and sugar is light, they required to reduce the ribbon mixer’s power to save energy. At the same time, they require a screw conveyor with an angel 25 degree to transfer mixer from ribbon mixer to a scale.

horizontal ribbon mixer
horizontal ribbon mixer