Paint & Dyestuff Mixing Machine


Inks, Paints & Coatings – for different substrates including paper, glass, textile, plastic, rubber, metals, etc.

Artist Colors – high solids pigment oil-based paints.
Electronic Coatings – Electronic circuitry and devices require protective materials to shield it from the elements. Whether of low or high viscosity, an intermediate or the final coating, there is a Mixer suitable for this application.
Fumed Silica Dispersions – Manufacturers of paints and coatings benefit from purchasing fumed silica in powder form and preparing the dispersions themselves than ordering silica dispersions for which they absorb higher shipping costs. Depending on the maximum viscosity and final grind, various Mixing Equipment allow manufactures to create these dispersions in-house.
Inkjets – in the inkjet industry, the move away from dye-based inks towards pigments-based inks to deliver products of greater resistance to weathering and exposure to moisture, have also demanded mixing equipment that efficiently grinds pigments with reduced or no downstream milling necessary. Various high shear mixing devices, including the PreMax, have dramatically improved the production of inks for inkjet printers.
Lithographic Pastes – high-viscosity pastes composed of oleoresin varnish filled with carbon black are prepared on Double Planetary Mixer and a Discharge System, economical alternative equipment to sigma blade mixers. Recent developments in mixing equipment and coatings formulations have shown that an investment in high viscosity vacuum premixing can return a larger dividend in productivity than a comparative investment in downstream milling.
Paints – Various Mixers are used to disperse pigments and extenders used in paint including Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3), Clay, Talc, Silica, Mica, and other coloring or plastic pigments into either water, oil or solvent, along with modifiers and additives.
Silicone Coatings – silicon-based substances are used to create coatings and encapsulants for electronics, automobiles, aerospace, medical devices, etc.
Specialty Inks – metallic/conductive, fluorescent, security, phosphorescent, and others.
Standard Printing Inks – web offset ink, sheet-fed ink, soybean-based ink, rubber-based ink, water-based ink, UV ink, laser ink, process ink for color printing, and others.
Steel Activators – coatings applied to steel prior to plating.