Mixer knowledge

  • 27/ 03/ 2018

    The application of plough mixer when soya flour in wheat flour

    Many product flours milled from other grains are occasionally used in wheat flour, for example, corn meal, rice, millet, soy, oat, buckwheat and barley flours. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has started a sampling and testing program at milling plants in the UK to test...
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  • 25/ 07/ 2017

    New features offered on Vortex Ribbon Blender

    Vortex introduces some new features on its ribbon blender models including low-maintenance silicone gasket, custom bag dump station with safety grating, big flap opening for quick agitator removal, vacuum and pressure-rated blenders with reinforced troughs, heavy-duty models for dense materials, bottom discharge extruder assembly and...
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  • 10/ 07/ 2017

    Vortex makes Ribbon Blender for Specialty Applications

    As the feature of ribbon blender allowing a full range of customization and vortex welcomes the customizations, vortex ribbon blenders offer many practical solutions for specialty and required applications. These customized ribbon blenders are widely used for mixing and blending fine powders, granules, pellets and...
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  • 07/ 07/ 2017

    Vortex Conical Screw Mixer is ideal for powder blending

    Vortex conical screw mixers are ideal for low shear blending of powders, pellets, granules, fibers and other solids. These blenders feature an auger that turns on its own axis and a mechanical arm that rotates the auger around the conical vessel. The mixing action in...
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  • 04/ 07/ 2017

    The Safety Features of Vortex V-type Blender

    In order to make safer tumble blender, Vortex Mixing Company now introduce brake motor to equip on the tumble blender, such as V-type blender or double cone blender. And the brake motor allows the tumbling V-type blender and double cone blender vessel to safely decelerate...
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  • 03/ 07/ 2017

    Fabulous V-Blender for Laboratory Use

    Vortex laboratory V mixer is ideal for blending a wide range of applications including powder, pellet, granules, particles, and solid materials. V-type blender consists of two inclined cylinders attached together in the form of “V”. When the shaft start rotating, the mixing materials in the...
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  • 28/ 06/ 2017

    Double Cone Blender with Control Panel

    Vortex double cone blender with button control panel deliver superior batch to batch consistency in the mixing of high fluidity flour, granular and particles applications. Vortex company equips helical blade inside the double cone vessel to disperse the accumulation as well as the materials move...
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  • 27/ 06/ 2017

    Awesome Features Offered on Vortex Ribbon Mixer

    Some new characteristics are being offered on Vortex Ribbon Blenders for customers requiring extra precision and efficiency. Ribbon blenders are mainly used for fast blending of dry powders, pellets, granules and other solid forms. The ribbon blenders also blend paste-form products and solid-liquid suspensions. The...
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  • 20/ 06/ 2017

    Vacuum and Pressure Design for Vortex Blender

    Most of vortex blenders have the availability of design for vacuum and pressure application, such as ribbon blender, plough blender, conical screw mixer. The blender can be constructed in materials of construction to suit the application for which it will be used. For example, jacket...
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