Mixer knowledge

  • 28/ 03/ 2013

    Paint & Dyestuff Mixing Machine

    Inks, Paints & Coatings - for different substrates including paper, glass, textile, plastic, rubber, metals, etc. • Artist Colors - high solids pigment oil-based paints. • Electronic Coatings - Electronic circuitry and devices require protective materials to shield it from the elements. Whether of low...
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  • 24/ 01/ 2012

    Food stuff mixing solutions

    Food Application: Dry Solid Blends - The food industry is the main end user of most Ribbon Blenders. Common applications include coffee, spices, food coloring, flour, sugar, cake and bread mixes, frozen vegetables, salsa mixes, snack foods and tea blends. Pet Foods - Blenders are...
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  • 24/ 12/ 2011

    Chemical mixing machine, chemical mixing solutions

    Chemicals Abrasives - products developed to shape and finish surfaces in various applications including woodworking, autobody painting & repair, construction, personal products, etc. Typically, materials used as abrasives are either hard minerals (rated at 7 or above on Mohs scale of mineral hardness) or synthetic...
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  • 24/ 11/ 2011

    Batteries and Electronics Mixing Application

    Batteries and Electronics Mixing Application Our Mixers and Blenders are associated with a wide range of dry and wet applications in the battery and electronics industries. A few examples and typical products include: • Aluminum Oxide-Filled Silicone Gels - conductive thermal interface material for use...
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  • 24/ 10/ 2011

    Plastic and composites

    Plastic and composites •Polyamide - Polyamides (Nylon) is a family of engineering plastics with a very wide range of applications, from footwear to lenses to aircraft components. One processing example encountered in our test laboratory is concentration of polyamide polymer through a combination of heat...
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  • 24/ 09/ 2011

    Pharmaceuticals & Medical supplies

    Pharmaceuticals & Medical supplies • Antacid Powder Blends - containing sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate, citric acid and flavors are blended in large capacity Ribbon Blenders. • Bioadhesives -bioadhesive dosage forms, such as laminated polymer films, mucoadhesive tablets and patches, are continually being investigated for drug...
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  • 24/ 08/ 2011

    Cosmetics and Personal Products

    Cosmetics and Personal Products Our mixers and blenders are applied for many development and production operations in the cosmetics and personal care industries. A few examples are listed below: • Carbopol Gels - Carbopol resins are a family of water-soluble acrylic acid polymers, available in...
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