How Vertical Ribbon Mixer Works


Vertical ribbon mixer consists of drive part, vertical shape vessel and ribbon agitator. Vertical ribbon mixer is an excellent design for application that are shear sensitive. It’s simple and easy construction could be fit where space on the plant floor is at a minimum. Less floor-space is ideally suited to multi-floor facilities.
The working principal of vertical ribbon mixer:vertical ribbon mixer

The materials are lifted up by high speed ribbon agitator from bottom of vessel and fall down by gravity, gently mix make the material has less breakage rate and result a good mixing. Furthermore, the chopper positioned on the side of vessel mix the materials in avoid of agglomeration during mixing. Meanwhile, due to the drive parts all fit outside the vessel, there is no possibility for oil leakage in the mixer and prevent the pollution of mixing materials.

Vertical ribbon mixer could be equipped with many auxiliary components, like vacuum, cooling/heating jacket, liquid spraying and so on. When compare the horizontal ribbon mixer, vertical ribbon mixer has the following advantages:

1. Less space occupation
2. Simple structure
3. Cleanout door for easily clean the vessel
4. No oil leakage into mixer
5. Vertical ribbon mixer could be used for a wide range of batch sizes. Ranging from as small as 10% of rated capacity.