How Double Cone Blender Works


Double cone blender consists of drive part and mixing chamber which attached by two same cones. With the drive part starting, the materials being blended were made to back and forth and turn it over again and again in the rotating mixing chamber. The materials are along with wall of bucket by rotary movement. Both internal and external surface are mirror polished. This treatment enhances the fluidity of material, and reduce the breakage rate to lowest.
Double cone blender are often used for intimate dry blending of free flowing solids in powder form or granular form. The solids being blended could be vary in bulk density and in percentage of total mixture. This equipment is widely used in chemical industry, food process, and pharmaceutical fields etc. Materials being blending are constantly being split and intermixed as the bucket rotates. Generally, the blending time of double cone blender are in the range of 10 minutes. It could be less depending on the difficulty of blending.
The double cone blender has following standard features:
1. Applied for materials of wide kind ranges.
2. Simple construction for easy installation and operation.
3. Less residue
double cone blender