Gentle Blending of Conical Screw Mixer


Vortex conical screw mixer is an ideal design for low-impact blending. Consists of conical vessel and double screws, the conical screw mixer can thoroughly agitate a wide variety of materials including powders, granules, pellets, fibers, slurries and pastes. Designed for low impact for materials, the slow-turning screws turns on its own axis while being rotated around the vessel. We called it rotation and revolution. Batch materials are lifted to the uppermost level of the cone along with the wall of vessel then cascade slowly back down in regions opposite the moving screw. This blender is not only advantageous for blending friable ingredients but also for coating solids with a minor liquid component and for vacuum drying of heating-sensitive applications.

vertical screw blender

Available in a wide range of capacity from 50L to 10,000L, vortex conical screw blenders do not require a bottom support bearing to keep the screw steady so discharge is always virtually 100% complete. This “unsupported screws” design also simplifies cleaning and maintenance, which result in easy cleaning and maintenance together. The rotation and revolution agitation are driven by two separate variable-speed motors to 80 rpm and 2.2 rpm respectively.

The conical screw blender can be supplied with a jacket for heating/cooling as well as a lump breaker for breaking apart agglomerates when needed.

Pictured is 2000L vertical screw blender with stainless steel 304 as construction material. Both interior and exterior surface are polished to simplifier the discharge and cleaning. The dished cover includes sight glass port, a charging port and quick- release clamps. On this unit, a mechanical seal is supplied for the sealing of main shaft. For more information, please feel free to email for an quotation.