Mixer knowledge

  • 17/ 09/ 2019

    Chemical Company in Indonesia purchased 500L ribbon mixer

    PT. Luas Birus Utama established to be problem solving company with core capability not limited in chemical services, but also been extended to engineering services, manpower supply, and also mechanical deliverables. Bringing Starborn Chemical brand, they developed specialty chemical for Oil & Gas Production Treating,...
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  • 25/ 07/ 2018

    How to Prevent Agglomeration during Mixing

    When the topic of agglomeration comes up, it’s natural to think first of the unit operation of size enlargement— causing particles to adhere to each other — and the benefits this process provides for many dry bulk products. Yet agglomeration isn’t always a positive thing....
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  • 17/ 07/ 2018

    Bulk and Tapped Density of Mixture

    Introduction to Bulk and Tapped Density The bulk density of a material is the ratio of the mass to the volume (including the interparticulate void volume) of an untapped powder sample. The tapped density is obtained by mechanically tapping a graduated cylinder containing the sample...
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  • 06/ 07/ 2018

    New Ways to Improve Ribbon Blender Efficiency

    Across the process industries, a wide range of powder blends are produced in a ubiquitous workhorse that is the ribbon blender. From seasonings and beverage mixes to pharmaceutical, chemical, plastic, and agricultural powders, a reliable method for solid-solid blending is at the core of production...
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  • 21/ 06/ 2018

    Ideal Design of Mixing Equipment for Vacuum Drying

    Vortex conical screw blender/dryer are ideal design for vacuum drying with a wide range of applications in both solid and liquid forms, such as powders, pellets, granules, fibers, slurries, pastes and etc. Conical screw vacuum drying blender features of a gentle-action auger screw that gently...
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  • 20/ 06/ 2018

    The key to well-blended mixtures

    The segregation is one of the three key issues facing those that handle powders. It is responsible for unscheduled downtimes due to quality issues. The mitigation of segregation is a primary objective when handling mixtures and blends. Segregation is a mechanistic phenomenon. For example, fine...
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  • 19/ 06/ 2018

    The Spotlight of Vortex Mixer & Blender

    Vortex Industrial Technology Company based in Shanghai city was found in 2000. And now is a fully developed custom contract manufacturer of mixer and blender. The main products are ribbon blender, plough blender, tumble blender and etc. Vortex Ribbon Blender There are two designs of...
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  • 28/ 05/ 2018

    High performance ribbon blender could meet customers’ requirement

    Aimed to better meet to the customer’s requirements, Vortex ribbon blenders are fabricated in standard and sanitary designs with customizable features for increased trustworthy of powder to powder, solid to solid and liquid to solid mixing actions. Available in the capacity from 50L to 10000L,...
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